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KBC Official Website | Official Website of KBC

         Welcome to official website of KBC! KBC official website is leading source to get any update about Kaun Banega Crorepati. Here you can check KBC lottery number, KBC Lottery winners list as well as KBC Lucky Draw results. Further, you can check KBC Lottery online with satisfaction. In order to provide a secure platform KBC has launched official website.


Kaun Banega Crorepati Show Official Website

               KBC with full form Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian top-rated and most watched Tv Show. It has become the India’s favourite TV show after its launch. Every India, the young and the old knows the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. So there is no need of compliments for KBC because its popularity enough for its introduction.


KBC Official Website 2022

       For the convinence of our customers KBC has launched its official website. KBC official website is an amazing and leading source of information for everyone. Regardless of the purpose for visiting the this website, it is worth your time. Moreover, KBC is one of the best and most watched television shows in India. The website even features the latest news and updates on the KBC also provides latest winners lists. Now you can win mega KBC Lottery cash prizes by participating in the KBC lottery.

         Did you receive Calls or WhatsApp messages from KBC, but your name is not listed in the KBC lottery winners list? Now, you want to check whether your lottery is real or fake. So no need to worry at all, here is complete solution. We have established a new system to check your lottery online. To check your lottery online just enter the required info the box given below.


Enter Your Phone Number:

Enter Your Lottery Number:

How to check KBC lottery Online?

       Don’t know! how to check KBC lottery online? Don’t worry! Here is a complete set of guidelines for you. To check lottery number, you must have a lottery winning phone number as well as a lottery number. Follow the following instructions to check lottery online.

  • First, visit KBC official website and move to the KBC Lottery Check Online.
  • Second, enter your lottery winning Phone Number in “Enter Your Phone Number” tab.
  • Third, enter your lottery number in “Enter Your Lottery Number” tab.
  • Then press “Check Now!” button.
  • Your complete lottery record will be in front of you.

KBC Lottery Number Check from Official Of KBC | KBC Online

           Kaun Banega Crorepati is a lottery wining Game show. In KBC Show, every lottery winner is provided with a Lottery Number to check and follow its lottery procedure. This Lottery Number is unique and is allotted by only KBC official team. But due the increasing KBC scam has mad it difficult to identify the real lottery number. Further there are a lot of fake lottery numbers and lottery tickets. in order to compensate this situation, we have launched a lottery number check system.

           This lottery number chek system is linked to the our official lottery winner database. In case, if someone receives a lottery number from KBC and wants to check it, then it is now very easy. Moreover this portal is fully secured by KBC team. Here you can confirm your lottery number as well as check your lottery online.

Don't KBC Lottery Number- Call KBC Head Office Now!

                   If you have no lottery number then call us at KBC Head Office or KBC Helpline Number. We will provide you with a lottery number to check your lottery online. Call us at following number for complete guidance.

KBC Head Office Kolkata    00971547383301

KBC Head Office Mumbai     00919753697345          

KBC Scam- KBC Fraud Calls - WhatsApp Messages


      Be Aware of KBC Lottery scams. With the increasing popularity of KBC, KBC fraud has also increased. Some so-called people are using identity of KBC. These people are playing with the emotions of innocent people.        

           Dear Visitors, Those who receive a call from an unknown number or person inform you that you are the KBC winner and you also win ₹25 lakh rupees and ask you to visit any website. So please ignore it all the time. Nowadays, scammers are playing with innocent people.

So, those who get any name through these Pakistani numbers like 00923 or +923. So most of this information, calls, or messages are ignored. KBC has only one KBC helpline number, which is 00919753697345. So, name us on KBC head office numbers for those who get any fraudulent names about the KBC lottery winner. Staff at the KBC are trying to stop these fake calls and Save Indians from those schemes.

Avoid from Fake Calls and Messages:

          A great deal of fake phony calls are utilizing the name of KBC by the numbers beginning from 00923**** and +923*****. If that you are accepting calls from such numbers that are telling that you have become a KBC lucky winner at that point report the KBC head office number 00919753697345   right away. It will be secure for you. Might be you don’t have any idea about the fraud in the market but we know very well and that is why sharing with you our official number. Just believe in legal and official Jio head office numbers and ask anything anytime.

5 Signs to Identify KBC Scam | KBC Lottery Fraud

  1. Be careful form KBC fake call KBC does not call any winner (especially on WhatsApp)
  2. Fraudsters will call on your WhatsApp and tell you that you are a winner of ₹25 lakh rupees. You will not check your lottery.
  3. Cheater calls you on your WhatsApp number.
  4. The fraudulent WhatsApp number starts with +923 (the Pakistani number code).

KBC Official Website Contact Numbers

            Now try your look and get a chance to win the KBC lottery. If you did not win a lottery on the first attempt so, don’t worry and try your luck repeatedly. We want to see you as a millionaire and hope you will be.

Find Your Nearest KBC Office and Submit your KBC Lottery Complaints

   Sr. #   Head OfficeKBC Official Numbers
1KBC Head Office Number Dehli00919753697345  
2KBC Head Office Number Mumbai00971547383301
3KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Mumbai+971547383301
4KBC head office Whatsapp number Dehli+919753697345 

KBC Team Contact Numbers | KBC official WhatsApp number

           KBC has launched a fully active team of representatives to support KBC winners online. In order to solve the complaints of KBC winners this team works 24/7. Further, KBC helpline WhatsApp i service is available 24/7 to serve our customers. If you face any problem any issue related to KBC lottery then call us without any hesitation. Also you can submit KBC Complaint about KBC scam or fraud. 

Feel Free to Contact Us!

KBC Lottery Winners | KBC official winners List 2022


Instructions for Winner from Official Website of KBC

  • You can collect any data recognized with your SIM card.
  • Remain quiet regarding your prize data because of security reasons. You can contact us for additional data about lottery cash.
  • If you will do an exposure of your prize, the company would not have the option to help you since anybody can purchase a copy SIM and damage your family.
  • Our responsibility is to advise you of pretty much every one of the likely risks and you have to be careful and alert.
  • Members will get two possibilities consistently to win KBC head office number Mumbai Along these lines, continue to recharging your Kbc helpline number for jio may build your odds of turning into a contender in the Jio head office number or KBC office whatsapp

KBC Official Website Registration | KBC 2022

               To play the lottery, you can register on the official website of KBC. The website is very easy to use and has many helpful resources. The office Phone number of KBC 919753697345 can be used to talk to a company representative. That is a great way to learn more about the KBC and the latest lottery results. There are many ways to play the lottery. For example, you can visit a website and find out who has won the KBC Kaun Banega crorepati Lottery. KBC’s official website will let you know if you’ve won the jackpot.


Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC Show) 2022- Registration

           If you don’t win, you can always try registering your lottery number on the KBC official site. You could end up winning millions of INR rupees. Just remember to follow the instructions on the website to avoid scam calls. And don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the competition before you register. And remember, the registration process is straightforward. You have to fill out your details and choose your lucky number.

Simple Steps for KBC Registration Via KBC official website

           Want to Play Along KBC! Just register yourself with KBC and start your journey to become millionaire. In order to make it easy we have launched online panel for KBC registration. KBC registration is very easy and simple. To register through official website follow these simple steps:

  • Visit KBC Official website www.jiokbccompany,com.
  • Go to regsitration panel available on KBC Official Website.
  • Fill out the form with required details and submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from KBC on your registered email.
  • Check your details carefully before submitting.
  • In case you face any problem call us at KBC Helpline Number

    00919753697345 | 00971547383301

Easy Steps for KBC Registration Via KBC Official Helpline

  1. Call on KBC helpline number +919753697345 (note WhatsApp call only).
  2. Tell the representative that you want to register in KBC.
  3. For registration, KBC representatives will get your information (an Aadhaar card or other thing for verification).
  4. Then you will deposit the registration fee through your branch.
  5. After depositing the payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS to register with KBC.

Register | Play & Win


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Official Website of KBC?

      KBC Official website is a leading source of information related to KBC Game Show. The only authentic and official website of KBC is www.jiokbccompany.com. All website rather than this are fake and only using the identity of KBC official website. So be aware of these fake websites and blogs and only follow the KBC Official Website.

How to Register on KBC Official Website?

        To register on KBC use following methods:

  • Register through KBC Official website registration panel.
  • Or call KBC Helpline to register in KBC Game Show.

       In order to register through official website of KBC just fill the form available on website and submit it.

What is Official Website Lottery Check?

     Hurrah! Now it is very easy to check KBC Lottery Online. Now you can check your KBC Lottery Online from KBC Lottery Check portal. To check your lottery online visit KBC official website adn then follow the instructions to check lottery.

What are official website contact number?

       If you want to contact KBC Official team then these are the official numbers of KBC team. In case, you need any help just call us at following numbers and we will solve your issue.

KBC Head Office Kolkata    00971547383301

KBC Head Office Mumbai     00919753697345  

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